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Pause Hydra Creme Further information

Further Information

This potent, highly effective anti-aging treatment serum dramatically enhances skin tone and firmness.

PAUSE HYDRA CREME replenishes and re-invigorates hormonally changing skin
at the root cause – lack of oestrogen. It’s part of Phytomone’s unique premium
skin care collection developed exclusively for WOMEN in their 30’s and beyond

A Unique bio mimicry formula with advanced phytoestrogen delivery system
You will experience rapid and superior collagen reconstruction, unlike any other cream on the market today.

The results.

That's just the beginning…

Pause Hydra Crème is not only superior in effectiveness its  beautifully luxurious.
You will experience a deep velvety cream with a fresh uplifting aroma that is absorbed easily into the skin, leaving a cool tingling sensation (perfect for hot flushes) and a beautiful radiant glow.






Pepha Tight

An algae-based skin tightener that offers an instant face-lift effect while strengthening the skin’s connective tissue.

Tego Pep 4

This chain of peptides derived from the skin’s own structure treats hyper-pigmentation to significantly improve skin tone, leaving skin looking brighter and fresher.


Olive leaf and Chinese jujuba extracts give a boost to proteasome molecules (Proteasomes are large molecules which are present in all cells in the body. They are involved in the removal, breakdown and recycling of damaged proteins or those that are no longer needed by the cell), making the skin appear visibly and perceivably younger.

Phyto Cell Tec Argan

Derived from the rare argan tree, it offers the latest in bio stem cell technology and protects dermal stem cells to help restore skin’s firmness, accelerate natural repair process and help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.


Clinical studies have shown Indinyl to have better effects than hyaluronic acid. Provides a higher moisturising effect, improves water absorption and retention, offers continuous hydration and imparts an extremely pleasant softness to the skin, leaving complexion highly improved.

Lipobelle Soyaglycone

A powerful collagen booster derived from soy isoflavones that lifts and firm’s skin, reduces lines and wrinkles and helps skin appear visibly younger.




Phytoestrogen-rich with high levels of omega3, 6 and 9 that help balance hormones during menopause. When applied topically it has anti-inflammatory properties with moisturising and visible skin plumping effects.

Sweet Almond

Rich in vitamins A, D and E and fatty acids to help provide skin with a protective barrier and minimise moisture loss. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help protect against sun damage and environmental stress.


An excellent anti-oxidant high in vitamin E, A, D, B and F with regenerative properties for healthy re-energised skin.


Rich in vitamins E and B it intensely moisturises, soothes and softens skin, increases density, stimulates collagen and improves elasticity for a more radiant skin tone.


A known anti-oxidant, this fine non-greasy oil is full of omega 6 and vitamin E. Skin will feel super soft and free of irritation




Rich in calcium and vitamin A, it stimulates cell renewal to help minimise and delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Wild Yam

Widely used to relieve menopause symptoms, it helps restore skin’s suppleness and elasticity.

Aloe Vera

Helps stimulate fibroblast cells which produce collagen and elastin fibres, offers soothing and cooling properties to help calm menopausal skin conditions, glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s) helps retain moisture keeping skin hydrated.


Cooling ingredient to help control and minimise the effects hot flushes may have on the skin. Imparts refreshing qualities.




Vitamins A B C  E

Stimulates cell renewal – Hydrates and protects cells - Reduces photo-damage - Restores natural appearance - Powerful anti-oxidant

Minerals Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium

Stimulates skin to ensure elasticity is maintained - Protects against moisture loss and helps reduce menopausal age spots - Helps regenerate new skin cells

Phytoestrogens - Isoflavones (Soybean Oil)(Wild Yam Infusion)                          Lignans (Flaxseed Oil)

timulates collagen, improves elasticity, increases density and intensely moisturises for a more radiant skin tone.
Improves Hydration and collagen production.
ich in fatty acids, anti-inflammatory with moisturising and visible skin plumping effects.                                                                                                                    

Amino Acids – Tryptophan (Sweet Almond Oil)
Lysine (Grape-seed Oil)
Peptides (Tego Pep4 – Active)
Tetrapeptides (Tego Pep4 – Active)

Skin is made of protein and requires protein to restore its health.
Amino acids are important natural moisturising factors (NMF) in the stratum corneum. About half of the NMF in the skin is made up of amino acids.
Instrumental in increasing collagen and stimulates elastin fibres, helping to reduce wrinkles resulting in plumper, firmer looking skin.
Helps brighten skin and diminish hyperchromatic spots.

Lipids/Fatty Acids
Triglycerides (Flaxseed Oil)
Linolenic Acid (Omega 3 – Sweet Almond Oil)
Linoleic Acid (Omega 6 – Grape-seed Oil)
Oleic Acid (Omega 9 – Flaxseed Oil)

ype of fat found in bloodstream, topical application will replenish lipids, promote ceramide (lipids) vitality to defend against dehydration.
Well absorbed into the epidermal and dermal layers of skin tissue, hydrates and protects cell membranes.
Helps cells stay fluid and flexible and improves structure of cell membranes.
Helps prevent moisture loss, anti-inflammatory properties and promotes healing.

Polysaccharides (Algae)

Heteropolysaccharides (Senna Plant)
Mucopolysaccharides (Aloe Vera)

Research has shown there is a direct link between complex sugars (glycans) and the visible appearance of ageing. They aid the communication between our body’s cells, in particular the communication between the layers of our skin – the Dermis and the Epidermis. These cells carry instructions to manufacture increased amounts of collagen which smooth the skin and maintain its suppleness reducing the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Assists with hydro-regulation, cell stimulation and regeneration, helping to improve skin firmness and moisture levels.

Excellent moisturising ingredients because of their water-binding capacity. Mucopolysaccharides, also known as Glycosaminoglycans(GAGs) include hyaluronic acid, naturally found in skin tissue.

Additional Phyto-Actives
Stem Cells (Argan)



Chinese Jujube Date

Argan stem cells have been shown to increase dermal stem cell turnover (which is responsible for collagen and elastin production) and thereby improve dermal rejuvenation of the skin, vitalise dermal stem cells, accelerate skin’s natural repair process, combat chronological ageing, and fight skin wrinkles and loss of skin firmness.
Squalene is naturally found in your skin. It helps to maintain its health, moisture and softness. The amount declines as we age, so topical application helps maintain the moisture levels
lankton extract is a photolyase enzyme. It comes from algae that are constantly exposed to extreme levels of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The algae have developed a natural resistance mechanism that allows them to use the energy from sunlight to repair damage from solar UV radiation. Sunlight activates the enzyme. The enzyme targets damaged DNA and helps correct visible skin damage caused by sun exposure.
Revitalises the skin and slows down the appearance of the first signs of ageing. It also invigorates the metabolism of ageing skin.
Protect the skin by limiting the production of free radicals, which can damage skin cells



THERAPEUTIC VALUES   (Pause Hydra Crème)

Essential Oils



Balancing, Stimulating, Stabilising


Uplifting, Toning, Refreshing


Rejuvenating, Calming, Relaxing




Intense moisturiser with benefits of a serum


Suitable for face, eyes and neck


Nutritionally-tailored by a clinical nutritionist, skin therapist and cosmetic chemist.


An advanced formula of 6 potent bio-actives. Effective phytoestrogens, vitamins and minerals provides hormonally changing skin with the specific cell nutrients it requires during menopause.


Boosts collagen production for a 3D plumping effect.


Tightens skin for an instant and lasting face-lift effect.


Protects dermal stem cells, increases skin density and helps to regain firmness


Minimises fine lines and imperfections


Brightens and improves skin tone for a radiant complexion.


SPF Filters provides added protection.


35+ year old women who are suffering from hormone imbalance brought about by menopause and are showing signs of hormonally changing skin, such as fine lines, wrinkles, dry skin, loss of firmness, sagging and pigmentation problems.
For women who are looking for a ‘one-step’ moisturising solution for face, eyes, neck and décolletage, with the benefits of a serum



Clinic Trials

Clinical studies conducted by DC Concept laboratoirs Dr. Hans-Peter Nissen Dr med H Prieur

Impressive results showed an increase in skin density as effect as oral HRT

(add imageof trials)




Doctors Endorsements

“Genistein, a powerful collagen booster, working as a phyto-oestrogen is one on the special actives used in Pause Hydra Creme, which has been developed and tested by myself. The special liposomal form of genistein allows penetration into the deeper skin layers. This offers superior results in increased skin density and collagen proliferation. Leaving skin firmer and looking 5 years younger. This is particularly important to women transiting through menopause due to declining oestrogen levels at this time, where this hormone in needed to make collagen."

....Dr. Daniel Schmid (Head of Research - Mibelle Bio-chemistry)

""The main cause of ageing for women over 35 is  lack of oestrogen. The phyto-hormones used in Pause Hydra Creme stimulate the proliferation of collagen by binding to oestrogen receptors. Resulting in firmer, plumper looking skin and significantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles". The science is right  behind this advanced skin repair system for hormonally changing skin for women over 35.


...Dr. Sohere Roked (Bio-identical hormone specialist)

In independent clinical studies over 96% of women saw a significant difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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