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Pause Hydra Creme

Pause Hydra Creme

What Happens To Skin after age 35?

The main cause of skin ageing after the age of 35 is brought about by loss of oestrogen.
We need oestrogen to make collagen!

Declining oestrogen levels cause:

  • Loss of collagen resulting in sagging, fine lines, wrinkles and decrease in skin density
  • Reduced natural oil production from sebaceous glands resulting in dryness
  • Unregulated melanin causes pigmentation problems such as age spots
  • Slowdown of cell renewal causes skin to look dull and lifeless


Pause Hydra Crème Luxury Nutrition for Hormonally Changing Skin. Encapsulates an innovative new Quadra-care formulation, offering four benefits in one cream – Moisturiser, Serum, Eye Cream and Neck Cream and has an impressive line-up of ‘Special Actives’ including plant hormones to replace lost oestrogen, activate collagen synthesis and increase skin density. Plant stem cells to protect dermal stem cells and encourage fibroblast cell proliferation. A unique peptide sequence to diminish and prevent pigmentation problems such as age spots. Plant based hyaluronic acid to hydrate and retain moisture, as well as offering SPF protection from harmful UVA/B rays.

After the age of about 35 we have a dramatic decline in oestrogen, resulting in a massive 30% loss of collagen…Pause Hydra Crème addresses this problem by replacing lost oestrogen with powerful plant hormones.


Pause Hydra Crème has been expertly formulated to include the latest scientific advances in the cosmetic industry and Bio-mimicry technology, offering the ability to directly address the cause of skin ageing during menopause, which is due to loss of oestrogen. - The skin requires oestrogen to send messages to produce collagen, via oestrogen receptors, of which, there are many in the facial area. Without oestrogen, these messages simply don’t get through and we stop producing this vital protein. Scientists have discovered that Genistein, a substance found in soyabeans has a molecular structure close to human oestrogen and is able to offer similar results when applied topically, where it has the ability to bind to oestrogen receptors which then activate collagen synthesis. Genistein also inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase kinase which causes degradation of collagen, thereby reducing the accelerated affect lack of oestrogen has on the skin during menopause.
The addition of plant stem cells in the formulation protect and vitalise dermal stem cells to encourage proliferation of fibroblast cells, which are the cells responsible for producing collagen. It is this hybrid of special actives which result in extreme collagen reconstruction and improved skin density.
The superior base oils in Pause Hydra Crème have been chosen for their topical nutritional bioavailability and effectiveness in penetrating the skins dermal layers. While skilful blending of the actives at high concentration levels ensure the benefits of a serum combined with superior moisturising capabilities from a plant based hyaluronic acid, making this unique formula perfect for targeting the face and décolletage concerns, yet light enough to use as a highly effective eye cream.

It has been almost 4 years in development, with over 50 formulations rejected. The actives had to be perfectly balanced and the concentration levels high enough to offer ‘Protection, Prevention and Cure’ as well as having a unique delivery system, allowing them to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to give the intense nourishment of a serum. In addition, the synergy of plant-hormones, therapeutic essential oils and infusions of wild yam and sage had to work well to address the concerns of hormonal skin.

The result is a luxurious, velvety cream with a fresh uplifting aroma that is absorbed easily into the skin, leaving a cool tingling sensation (perfect for hot flushes) and a beautiful radiant glow. Skin is left firm, rejuvenated, rebalanced and hydrated, with a diminished appearance of lines and wrinkles. We were also mindful that women want instant results from their products and the algae based active offers an instant face lift effect with long term results, so it really does feel like every cell on your face and décolletage is being tightened instantly, while the essential oils, plants and herbs work subliminally to help treat symptoms connected to menopause and hormone imbalance’.



                                           Information on Special Actives


Lipobelle Soyaglycone


Phytoestrogen based active using Genistein, the biologically active form of soya isoflavones, which is encased in a liposomal preparation, enabling it to penetrate deeper than most other actives, including peptides (Matrxyl!)
Genistein has a molecular structure similar to human oestrogen and has the ability to
bind to facial oestrogen receptors which then activate collagen synthesis and increase skin density.


Genistein also prevents further degradation/breakdown of collagen and elastin by inhibiting enzymes (tyrosinase kinase ) responsible for this action.
Skin looks firmer, rejuvenated, re-densified and up to 5 years younger.








PhytoCellTec-Argan –(Award Winning Special Active – best active ingredient – In-Cosmetics)
PhytoCellTec™ Argan is the first active ingredient capable of both protecting and vitalising human dermal stem cells. This not only helps to accelerate the skin’s natural repair process but also fights skin ageing right at the root for a wonderfully fresh, energised and radiant appearance. Botanical stem cells, found in argan, mimic the benefits of human stem cells by secreting a similar enzyme that helps to stimulate human stem cell growth, encouraging them to differentiate into fibroblast cells, which are the cells responsible for collagen and elastin production and protect them from damage . This is a powerful complex, in a liposomal delivery system, ensuring deeper dermal penetration for maximum results of collagen and elastin proliferation and is most effective when used in conjunction with phytoestrogens.
Regenerates dermal connective tissue, increases skin density, re-energises skin cells, reduces lines and wrinkles






Skin brightening active which diminishes the appearance of pigmentation problems, such as age spots. TegoPep4-Even is a sequence of active peptides which are capable of reducing melanocyte activity.
Oestrogen is responsible for regulating melanin by applying a controlling effect on the production.
As menopause begins, declining oestrogen levels causes melanin to increase in the base of the epidermis. Any areas of the skin that have been over exposed to UV rays, such as the face, neck, hands, arms and chest, can lead to brown spots appearing due to lack of melanin regulation.
To address this problem Pause Hydra Creme uses a clinically proven peptide sequence which works by slowing down the production of melanin(pigment) in the skin, leading to a reduction in the amount of tyrosinase (enzyme that controls melanin pigment) being produced and an inhibition of melanocyte activation.


Activates the Proteasome, a tiny powerhouse in skin cells, which slows down with age. In young skin this natural recycling system systematically degrades proteins whilst protecting the skin against excessive cellular waste. By re-activating the Proteasome the symptoms of hormonal skin ageing such as wrinkles, skin hydration and skin renewal are markedly improved leaving skin visibly and perceivably younger.
The addition of olive leaf extract improves the overall quality of the cell, as well as increasing cell turnover to reveal higher-quality cells beneath and get rid of dark spots quicker.
Rejuvenates eye area by 6 years in just 4 weeks


Plant based type hyaluronic acid extracted
from the seeds of the ayurvedic plant Indian Senna. Indinyl improves water absorption / retention of the skin and forms a supple protective film on the skin surface. Clinical studies have shown better result than hyaluronic acid used in regular anti-ageing creams and provides a higher moisturising effect, leaving the complexion soft velvety and radiant looking.


We are aware that women want instant results from their skin care products,
So with that in mind we have included an algae based skin tightener that offers instant face lift effects with long term results, by further strengthening the skin's connective tissue.
The main constituents in this special active are polysaccharides, amino acids and vitamins, especially vitamin C, an effective anti-oxidant and B12, which is responsible for the formation of cells.


SPF Filters
We have SPF 6 filters in our product which protects from the harmful UVA and B rays.


As Pause Hydra Crème has been formulated as a treatment product, it is designed to penetrate the deeper dermal layers – Sun creams do not do this, by their very nature, they are designed to sit on the skin surface to protect the skin and not to be absorbed.
SPF6 was the highest we could achieve in order not to affect the powerful special actives we have in our cream. During an average day, this should give sufficient protection. If you plan on being outside for prolonged periods of time we would always recommend a specialised sun cream, not matter which moisturiser you use. A sun cream after all has been specifically formulated for this, where as a good moisturiser has a different job to do!




Base Oils
All of the base oils have been specifically chosen to reflect their nutrient dense vitamins, minerals, plant hormones and anti-oxidants. Specifically the ones we need more of during menopause.


1.Soya bean oil – Rich in plant hormones and vitamin E and B. Has been shown to stimulate skin’s production of collagen, increase density and help rebalance effect lack of oestrogen has on skin.


2.Wheat germ oil – Excellent anti-oxidant -high in vitamin E,A,B,D and F and essential fatty acids. Regenerative properties for healthy re-energised skin


3.Flaxseed oil – Rich in omegas 3,6 and 9 to hydrate and protect cell membranes, keeping them soft and supple. High in hormone balancing lignans and plant oestrogens.


4.Grape seed oil – Good source of anti-oxidants and vitamin E. Protects against cellular tissue damage caused by free radicals. Intense moisturising properties


5.Sweet almond oil – Rich in omegas 6 and 9 and vitamins A,D and E. Acts as humectant and prevents moisture loss.





1.Sage – Rich in calcium and vitamin A. Stimulates cell renewal


2.Wild Yam – Widely used to relieve menopause symptoms. Effective moisturiser and helps restore skins suppleness and elasticity


Aloe Vera – stimulates fibroblast cells which produce collagen and elastin fibres, offers cooling properties to calm menopausal skin conditions, glycoaminoglycans (GAG’s) have cell communicating properties to encourage proliferation and help retain moisture


Menthol – Keeps skin cool and fresh to minimise the effects hot flushes have on the skin.






A – Stimulates cell renewal. Vitamin A thickens and stimulates the Dermis – where collagen, elastin and blood vessels are – so it reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the surface of the skin. Vitamin A actually increases the deposition of collagen and slows the breakdown of collagen and elastinin in hormonal ageing skin.
C - Encourages collagen proliferation and reduces phot damage, anti-oxidant properties.
E - Excellent moisturising capabilities, powerful anti-oxidant, speeds up the rate of cell regeneration and encourages new skin cells to grow.




Essential Oils
For a truly integrative experience we have added three essential oils which are all well known for their therapeutic values in treating menopausal symptoms.


Geranium oil – Also known as the ‘ladies’ oil for its use in treating many menopausal symptoms. Rebalances, stimulates and stabilises.
Bergamot oil – Uplifiting, toning and refreshing
Lavender oil – Rejuvenating, calming and relaxing




                             PAUSE HYDRA CRÈME - DOCTOR’S ENDORSEMENTS




Dr Daniel Schmid




“Genistein, a powerful collagen booster, working as a phyto-oestrogen is one on the special actives used in Pause Hydra Creme, which has been developed and tested by myself. The special liposomal form of genistein allows penetration into the deeper skin layers. This offers superior results in increased skin density and collagen proliferation. Leaving skin firmer and looking 5 years younger. This is particularly important to women transiting through menopause due to declining oestrogen levels at this time, where this hormone in needed to make collagen."


....Dr. Daniel Schmid (Head of Research - Mibelle Bio-chemistry)










Dr Sohere Roked






"The main cause of ageing during menopause is  lack of oestrogen. The phyto-hormones used in Pause Hydra Creme stimulate the proliferation of collagen by binding to oestrogen receptors. Resulting in firmer, plumper looking skin and significantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles". 


...Dr. Sohere Roked (Bio-identical hormone specialist)




 Clinical Trials






In independent clinical studies carried out on Pause Hydra Creme over 96% of women saw a significant difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Clinical studies conducted by DC Concept laboratoirs Dr. Hans-Peter Nissen Dr med H Prieur


As seen in The Daily Mail  Daily Express, CNN, Sky News Local Radio

The lady  The Daily Telegraph The Guardian






The main benefits of Pause Hydra Crème are its ability to directly address the cause of menopausal skin ageing at its root cause – which is lack of oestrogen. Without this hormone the skin stops producing collagen, resulting in loss of firmness and density, dryness, pigmentation problems and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


By putting this hormone back into the skin via our advanced bio-mimicry formulation we are able to correct the effect the lack of oestrogen has on the skin.


Skin will be hydrated, rebalanced and rejuvenated. The complexion will feel ultra-soft and velvety and have a bright luminous glow, while the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will appear diminished, due to increased density and firmness, leaving skin looking up to 5 years younger.


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