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Bio Identical Hormones and Cosmetic HRT

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Bio-Identical Hormones used in our Cosmetic HRT Delivery System

are the main ingredients which identify our products as the most influential age prevention treatment available for hormonally ageing skin. Our phytoestrogens are based on a powerful compound found in the soya bean called Genistein, which is the biologically active form of soya isoflavones We have encapsulated this bio-identical hormone in a unique liposomal preparation, enabling it to penetrate the  deeper dermal layers of the skin, where it will have the most beneficial effect.
Genistein has a molecular structure similar to human oestrogen and has the ability to bind to facial oestrogen receptors which then activate collagen synthesis and increase skin density.

Genistein also prevents further degradation/breakdown of collagen and elastin by inhibiting enzymes (tyrosinase kinase ) responsible for this action.
Skin looks firmer, rejuvenated, re-densified and up to 5 years younger.






Dr Daniel Schmid


“Genistein, a powerful collagen booster, working as a phyto-oestrogen is one on the special actives used in Pause Hydra Creme, which has been developed and tested by myself. The special liposomal form of genistein allows penetration into the deeper skin layers. This offers superior results in increased skin density and collagen proliferation. Leaving skin firmer and looking 5 years younger. This is particularly important to women transiting through menopause due to declining oestrogen levels at this time, where this hormone in needed to make collagen."

....Dr. Daniel Schmid (Head of Research - Mibelle Bio-chemistry)


 Dr Sohere Roked

 "The main cause of ageing during menopause is  lack of oestrogen. The phyto-hormones used in Pause Hydra Creme stimulate the proliferation of collagen by binding to oestrogen receptors. Resulting in firmer, plumper looking skin and significantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles". 

...Dr. Sohere Roked (Bio-identical hormone specialist)



 Clinical Trials


In independent clinical studies carried out on Pause Hydra Creme over 96% of women saw a significant difference in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Clinical studies conducted by DC Concept laboratoirs Dr. Hans-Peter Nissen Dr med H Prieur





The main benefits of Pause Hydra Crème are its ability to directly address the cause of hormonal skin ageing at its root cause – which is lack of oestrogen. Without this hormone the skin stops producing collagen, resulting in loss of firmness and density, dryness, pigmentation problems and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

By putting this hormone back into the skin via our advanced bio-mimicry formulation we are able to correct the effect the lack of oestrogen has on skin health and ageing.

Skin will be hydrated, rebalanced and rejuvenated. The complexion will feel ultra-soft and velvety and have a bright luminous glow, while the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will appear diminished, due to increased density and firmness, leaving skin looking up to 5 years younger.


 Phytomone Face & Body Oils


To complement Pause Hydra Creme we have developed a collection of luxurious face and body oils, based on the effectiveness of scientifically researched natural ingredients.

These products have been designed to deeply nourish and moisturiser hormonally ageing skin.
With a carefully selected blend of 18-21 decadent oils in each product, you can be certain of giving you skin the attention it deserves as hormones begin to decline.
The nutrient dense oils are all rich in native plant hormones, vitamins, minerals, omegas and anti-oxidants to naturally enhance and re-balance your beautiful body.

An infusion of exotic essential oils have been added for a truly integrative experience, so as you massage these decadent  oils into your skin and breathe in the seductive aromas, you will be nourishing your body and soothing your soul.

An unforgettable experience which ensures your skin looks fabulous and your mind is rejuvenated.
Allow us to transform your everyday routines into moments of indulgence by means of beautiful and luxurious products.

What you won’t find in our products is mineral oil, parabens, fillers or any artificial fragrance