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Interview with Dr Roked Bio Identical hormones

Bio Identical Hormones

Dr. Sohere Roked from the Marion Gluck Clinic talks to us about Bio-Identical Hormones


1. Bio-Identical hormones are not main-stream here in the UK and I don’t think many people fully understand what they are, so could you explain to us exactly what they are?


A bio-identical hormone is a hormone that has the identical chemical structure to the ones your body makes naturally. Why is this good? Because it ‘tricks’ the body in to thinking it is it’s own hormones and therefore works more in synergy and lessens risks and side effects.

The hormones we use are plant based, extracted from soy or yams, and then formulated in to a cream or lozenge form.

The main hormones we use are oestrogens, testosterone and progesterone.


At the clinic, we treat women in the menopause, peri-menopause and other hormonal imbalances in younger women like endometriosis, PMT, fibroids etc.

We also look at the thyroid and adrenal glands.

I provide consultations in nutrition, digestive problems and improving energy too.


2. How do they work?


They work by replacing what is lacking in your body.

In general, oestrogen helps reduce flushes, joint pains, vaginal dryness and urinary symptoms.

Progesterone is important to help sleep and help mood swings and irritability.

Testosterone is important for energy. Women do need some testosterone, not just men!

All three help with preventing osteopenia.



3. How are they different from HRT?


They are custom-made for the individual. The dose can be changed over time if your symptoms change. We use actual hormones, not drugs that are made to mimic hormones like some conventional HRT preparations. You can also stay on them long-term if needed unlike conventional HRT which is generally stopped after a few years due to concerns about risks and adverse effects. Our preparations also contain bio-identical progesterone and testosterone which no conventional preparations do.


4. What tests need to be carried out before starting a course of Bio-identical hormones?


At the clinic we measure FSH (the hormone from the brain that tells us if the body is in menopause or not), oestradiol, progesterone, testosterone levels, DHEA (an adrenal gland hormone that is good for energy) and Vitamin D.

We either do the tests at the clinic or are happy to review results if you are able to get your GP to do them for you.


5. Are they made up specifically for each individual?


The treatments are made up specifically for the individual based on your symptoms and the blood test results. This also means they can be altered over time if your symptoms change.


6. How often to you need to be re-assessed?


After an initial consultation and a review of any blood tests you would be started on treatment and reviewed between 2-3 months. If all is well we then review you every 6 months. Blood tests are checked annually unless there is a change in symptoms.


7. Are they available on the NHS?


Bio-identical oestrogen is available in the forms of vagifem (vaginal oestrogen pessaries), or elleste, femoston or kliovance to name but a few. The problem is it is often combined with synthetic progestogens which can cause side effects like bloating and weight gain and it never includes testosterone.


8. What happens when I come for a consultation at the Marion Gluck clinic?


At the clinic you would have an initial assessment of about 45 minutes to take your history and do any blood tests if needed. You will be told more details about the hormones and any questions you may have will be answered.

Follow up will be arranged, and of course we can answer any questions you may forget to ask by email! Most patients find it a relief to finally meet a doctor who takes their symptoms seriously and can provide a treatment.


9. Where is the Marion Gluck clinic, who is Marion Gluck


The clinic is in central London – 61 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8AH

The website address is with information about all five doctors at the clinic, the range of services offered and the price list.

The nearest tube stations are Bond Street, Oxford Circus and Baker Street.


Although the initial consultation is normally done face to face, follow up’s can be done via telephone or skype if you don’t live locally or can’t make it down for appointments.


Dr Marion Gluck trained as a medical doctor in Hamburg and has worked all over the world as a women’s health specialist. She has been recognised as one of the top 250 private doctors in the UK for her pioneering treatment of hormonal imbalances using natural bio-identical hormones. Treating patients as individuals, Dr Gluck addresses each woman’s unique hormonal makeup rather than prescribing conventional ‘one size fits all’ medications.

In addition to providing the best of conventional care for women’s health, Dr Gluck focuses on disease prevention through lifestyle, diet, exercise, stress management and emotional wellbeing. She provides the knowledge and guidance necessary to educate and empower her patients in London and Milan, helping them to make better informed decisions about their health and their Iife.

A dedicated practitioner, Dr Gluck seeks to be more than just a doctor to her patients. With a genuine interest in women’s issues, she goes to considerable lengths to gain a better understanding of her patients’ unique circumstances in an effort to provide holistic solutions for optimal health.




Dr Sohère Roked, a general practitioner with a specialist interest in integrative medicine.

As well as specialising in bio-identical hormones, as part of my holistic approach, I conduct a thorough initial consultation with each client and examines a wide range of health indicators to assess the individual as whole. These include nutrition, fitness, stress and digestive health as well as potential chemical imbalances and the presence of parasites, toxicity, chronic inflammation and body acidification. From here, I offer my clients the best of conventional and more natural treatments and medicines. The aim is to decrease symptoms and restore the body back in to balance by looking at the whole person.

I studied medicine at the University of Southampton, graduating in 2003 before going on to work at hospitals across the UK in A&E, general medicine, surgery, women’s health and otolaryngology. I also worked as a psychiatrist for three years before becoming a GP.

I decided to study integrative medicine as I was seeing patients with symptoms that conventional medicine wasn’t able to treat and felt frustrated that I did not have the training to address these issues, and has a strong belief that more natural health care that works in synergy with the body has a place alongside conventional treatments. I trained in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy under the supervision of Dr Marion Gluck. I continue to work within the NHS as a GP.

My first book, The Tiredness Cure, is being published in September 2014.



A very big thank you to Dr Sohere Roked for taking the time to answer these questions.
For further information on bio-identical hormones please contact the Marion Gluck clinic or visit Dr Sohere Roked’s website at