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Neck and Jaw
Carol K

What was your overall experience with Phytomone?
I’m very happy. My skin  felt so good and I have seen an improvement, especially the jowls and crepey skin on my neck

How were Phytomone Skincare products different than products you used before?
Well they’re much better. I had noticeable results in a short time.


Lisa R.

How did you find using Pause Hydra Crème  as an all in one product?

I was sceptical at first as I always thought I needed separate eye creams and serums. But after using the product for just 3 weeks I was so pleased with the results. My skin looks better than it ever has and I don’t need to use lots of different products on my face.

 What was the main benefit of using a Multi-functional face cream?

It saved me time and of course money. Not having to layer several different products on my skin every morning and night is a huge relief. Having something that is quick and easy to use but works effectively makes me very happy. It’s just a little thing, but it means a lot, as it helps to uncomplicated my already busy day.


Saffy G.

What was the greatest difference you saw or felt with your skin?
I am definitely more even toned, more balanced and my skin has more moisture!  

How do you feel since using Phytomone products?
I feel radiant. I feel so much more confident about  leaving the house without any makeup just naturally me.


Age Preservation

What was the greatest difference you saw or felt with your skin?
My skin just looked healthy, it had a brighter glow to it and I felt so much better about myself when I looked in the mirror. It stayed hydrated throughout the day and my lines and wrinkles definitely appear much less noticeable.

I'm in love with Phytomone you have a new customer and a fan for life. Thank you for producing a collection specifically suited to my hormonally ageing skin.



Debbie C.

What was the greatest difference you saw or felt with your skin?
My skin looks very soft and feels incredibly smooth. I thought I was happy with my other products and accepted the fact that at my age skin will look old, but after using these I can really see how much better my skin can look and feel

How do you feel since using Phytomone Skincare?
I feel more confident within myself. I know my skin is looking the best it has in years, it has given me a new lease of life and inspired me to have a complete make over. Thank you!