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“I am very proud to have revolutionised the skincare industry for women over 30 – with a specialised collection of products based on phytoestrogen technology to address the main cause of skin ageing, which is brought about by hormonal decline

- Jane Atherton

 The Phytomone Story

Inspired by 10 years of research into hormonal changes in women in their 30’s and beyond and the effect it has on skin health, Jane Atherton has worked in the health and beauty industry for over 30 years and founded Phytomone after seeing a gap in the market for specialised skin care based on the science of phytoestrogen technology. .

Collagen peaks along with oestrogen in our twenties and begins a decline that accelerates in our thirties, forties and fifties.Without the influence of oestrogen,  skin loses collagen, density and elasticity, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles and loss of skin tone. This is called hormonal ageing and affects all women.

Phytomone helps preserve skin health and delay the signs of hormonal ageing with an exclusive and highly effective bio-mimicry formulation based on powerful phytoestrogens to safely and effectively restore the youthful, radiant glow to your complexion.

The brand is building a reputable following and continues to lead the way in luxury age prevention skin care with ground breaking innovations to delay the signs of hormonal skin ageing