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Can boron help reduce hot flushes?

Can boron help reduce hot flushes?

Here’s what boron expert, Walter Last, has to say about supplementing with boron to treat menopause…

Research has now shown that boron supplementation in postmenopausal women doubles the blood level of the most active form of oestrogen, 17-beta oestradiol, to the level found in women on oestrogen replacement therapy. Equally, the blood levels of testosterone more than doubled. With HRT there is a higher risk of breast or endometrial cancer which is not known to happen with hormones produced by the body as with borax supplementation. Some women get premenstrual problems because oestrogen levels are too high and progesterone too low, and therefore may be afraid of using boron. However, I found no evidence that boron raises oestrogen above normal healthy levels. Boron may balance levels of sex hormones similar to the action of Maca root powder. Maca acts on the pituitary gland not only to increase but also to balance our sex hormones and seems to stimulate our own progesterone production as needed.

So boron is an excellent natural cure for hot flashes, because once your hormones are balanced, your night sweats and hot flushes will also disappear. And the other big advantage of taking boron is it stops and actually reverses osteoporosis. This is yet another terrible side effect of having low estrogen levels when you're going through menopause (it’s estimated that 80% of women over the age of 50 in the U.S. have osteoporosis and don’t even know it).

Here’s an extra snippet from Walter Last’s fantastic article on boron…

Boron affects the metabolism of steroid hormones, and especially of sex hormones. It increases low testosterone levels in men and oestrogen levels in menopausal women. It also has a role in converting vitamin D to its active form, thus increasing calcium uptake and deposition into bone and teeth rather than causing soft tissue to calcify (lose calcium). Also, other beneficial effects have been reported such as improvement of heart problems, vision, psoriasis, balance, memory and cognition.

So according to boron researcher, Rex Newnham, and Walter Last, the best way to get your boron every day is with borax or boric acid supplements. What you do is mix up 6 grams of borax (3 grams of boric acid) in one litre of filtered water. This is your concentrated solution. To use as a natural cure for hot flushes, take 5 ml three to five times daily spaced as evenly as you can throughout the day. Do this for 3 to 4 months before dropping back to a maintenance dose of twice daily. Another benefit of taking borax or boric acid is it will also treat candida (thrush) and other fungi problems in the body. Candida fungus is also a contributing factor for hot flushes and night sweats.